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Case study Lagor Srl
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How Lagor Srl effectively handled the internal transportation of heavy loads and downtime in production

Michiel Driessen | 02-01-2020

Lagor Srl is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of transformer cores. When the customer’s demands got higher, the transformer cores got bigger. That’s why the existing manufacturing facility didn’t match the growing needs anymore. Therefore Lagor Srl expanded its manufacturing facility in 2010 to produce even bigger transformer cores, weighing up to 200 tons. Since Lagor Srl chose to build a new production facility and transformer cores of unconventional dimensions, Lagor Srl was required to explore new internal logistics solutions, looking beyond the common transport solutions. Through a trusted advisor, Lagor Srl was introduced to Aerofilm Systems. 

In this blog, you’ll learn how the air casters of Aerofilm Systems not only move and lift the heavy transformer cores inside Lagor Srl’s manufacturing facility but also how the use of air casters resolved the downtime in production and negative influence of the weather on the production process. 

Lagor Srl's business challenges

The assembling and mounting of the transformer cores are part of Lagor Srl’s assembly-line production. To carry and move around the transformer cores, Lagor Srl obtained two transporters with a combined capacity of 200 tons. The internal logistics process asked for a transport solution that was capable of lifting and moving the heavy transformer cores and two transporters from one assembly location to another. 

Besides the logistical challenges of the weight and flexibility, the weather influence used to be a nightmare for the production of transformer cores. Only large cranes outside the manufacturing facility could help to assemble and to mount the big transformer cores, consisting of iron. Whenever it would rain, the entire production had to be postponed due to the possible corroding of the steel plates of the transformer cores.

Custom-made solution for Lagor Srl 

Common transport solution, like cranes and rails, were considered to do the job. However, they were turned down because these transport solutions couldn’t handle the business challenges of the weight, flexibility and influence of the weather in the production process. Through a trusted advisor, Lagor Srl came in contact with Aerofilm Systems. 

The air casters, provided by Aerofilm Systems, were part of a custom-made transportation plan within the internal logistics process of Lagor Srl. The compact design of the air casters made it possible for Lagor Srl to assemble and mount its heavy transformer cores inside the manufacturing facility, without seeing a drop of rain. Mauro (R&D manager at Lagor Srl): “Aerofilm Systems tackled all the obstacles that were causing us to look for an innovative solution, like the dimensions, the weight, and the requirements. For each of the obstacles, Aerofilm Systems could provide us with a solution with the help of their air caster systems.” 

Aerofilm Systems didn’t only produce and deliver the air caster systems, they also provided the responsible operators of Lagor Srl with on-site training so they can run the transport procedure of air casters in a safe way. Within just a couple of days the entire transportation plan - with the help of air casters - was up and running. Mauro: “In case our maintenance team needs more expertise, we can always call Aerofilm Systems for back-up. However, I can’t even remember the last time we needed to replace an air cushion.”

Results with air casters

The implementation of air caster systems has resulted in the following results only in a short amount of time:

  • Time savings for customers
  • More safety 
  • Increase in reliable production 
  • Less downtime of production 
  • More flexibility

Mauro: “Since air casters are not a common transport solution, we were surprised by the fact that when you have a good surface, the quality of the air casters will do the rest of the work. Aerofilm Systems did what we needed them to do.”

Case study Lagor Srl

Are you curious to discover how the results of Lagor Srl were established with the help of air caster systems? Lagor Srl shares the entire success story of their custom-made transportation plan in the case study.

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